Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wedding Hairstyle Tips

The flowing wedding hairstyles entail leaving the hair down and loose, so oily or unwashed hair, even unconditioned locks are an absolute no no if this style is opted for. Hair with a bounce and substance and one that is soft and at its shiniest best will impart that much required elegance. If you are tall, but with a square face, then perhaps a flowing style would be best for you.

For convenience’s sake, today many brides prefer medium length hair so the medium style is best suited for this kind of hair with bangs and locks being swept off the face and the hair allowed to flow down with slight curls to compliment the veil.

The wedding hair is one answer to most problems involving long hair. If you want to keep it open rather than tied up then this style entails parting hair at the center with the bangs and locks enabled to fall over the shoulders. Use of a tiara instead of the loose veil adds a touch of chic and gives an old worldly charm to the look.

Often more than not the bride decides to have her hair brushed back and tied into a mound adorning which is a simple tiara much in the style of the fifties.

In conclusion, here are a few last minute tips for selecting the appropriate wedding hairstyle:

  • Take good care of your hair, get it trimmed and conditioned as regularly as possible.
  • Visit the salon if required and take hair grooming sessions when necessary.
  • Go for a style that makes you look elegant and matches your persona.
  • Do your homework first. Look at all the suggested hairstyles before selecting the rest of the accessories.
  • Try new hairdos if you want a contemporary look and feel.
  • Go in for the freely available hair accessories and jewelry for that innovative touch.
  • Let the wedding hairstyle be a part of the entire picture and not something that tends to be too distracting.
  • Lastly wear a buttoned shirt rather than an over the head top for your final hair styling session on the day of your wedding.