Sunday, July 17, 2011

Woman claims she slept with Ashley Cole shortly before his "reunion" with Cheryl

Woman claims she slept with Ashley Cole shortly before his "reunion" with Cheryl
We know you’ll all be completely shocked to hear that Ashley Cole was (allegedly) still playing the field while wooing back Cheryl shortly before their recent reunion.
What’s that, you’re not shocked? No, thought not. Nevertheless we thought you’d quite like to hear the details behind these allegations, which stem from an air hostess called Kerry Meades.
She claims she’d already slept with the footballer back in 2004, however bumped into him again in an LA club while he was on holiday last month. He instantly tried it on with her, but somehow she managed to resist his advances (god know how). A few days later however she then went round to his house for a party and this time round she somehow found him totally irresistible (god knows how) and therefore slept with him.
The following morning Kerry (who was unaware Ashley was trying to woo Cheryl back at the time) woke up and spotted what may have been a present for Chezza, as the footballer was just about to dash back to the UK for her birthday party. Kerry said:
“I turned to him and said, ‘What’s in the bag, you kinky man?’ He got really angry and said, ­‘Nothing, don’t worry about it’. Then he stormed out of the room. I didn’t mention it again. But as I was leaving, I peeked into the bag.
“I could see lots of fancy gift tissue and women’s lingerie. I didn’t think that much about it at the time, but when I got back to London and heard it was Cheryl’s birthday that week, it clicked. If he was buying her lingerie, they must have been intimate. If he was ­trying to win her back he would have bought her a necklace or something."
Or they could’ve been a present for some other unlucky lady? Or perhaps a treat for himself (we don’t like to judge)? Either way this whole sordid tale illustrates what all already knew; that he’s utterly incapable of keeping it in his pants.