Friday, October 30, 2009

Issey Miyake Girl - Paris FW

Legs - Paris Fashion Week

« Les jambes des femmes sont des compas qui arpentent le globe terrestre en tout sens, lui donnant son équilibre et son harmonie. » "Women legs are like pairs of compasses wich are pacing up & down the globe in every directions, keeping earth its balance and harmony"François Truffaut in "L'Homme qui aimait les femmes"

Dree Hemingway - Paris FW

Dree Hemingway est l'arrière-petite fille de Ernest Hemingway. Et alors .. So What ?Et bien en dehors de cela, elle à l'air bien cool comme fille. C'est ça qui compte non ?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thank you for being a friend, again

Bea Arthur is my hero - the gays loved her, still love her, and as long as The Golden Girls, Maude and All in the Family are on DVD, will always love her.Bea loved the gays back - she generously left homeless gay teenagers $300,000!From The Ali Forney Center web site:The Ali Forney Center (AFC) is planning to name one of it's transitional residences in honor of Bea Arthur, as an expression of

New Louise Pedersen Polaroids

Miss Pandora - Paris Fashion Week

Two friends - Opéra - Paris FW

Jean-Paul Paula & his giant ring - Paris FW

Céline - Rue Bonaparte - Paris

I study to be an architect.I wear a coat by MARJANE PEJOVSKI.Cardigan by SWAGGER.Boots by AIGLE.Hat 1€ from a "all for nothing" shop.Bag vintage.Perfume: "White Musc" by BODY SHOP.Fashion is a way of creation.My look is black and rainy.I love sincerity.I don't like hypocrisy.My message to the world: Leave me alone !

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

RIP Ellen Harth

December 2009 Spur Magazine cover: Agyness Deyn, ph: Patric Shaw

Patric Shaw photographed Agyness Deyn for the cover of Spur Magazine on September 12, 2009 at Hudson Studios in NYC with her puppy RudySpur December 2009 CoverModel: Agyness Deyn & RudyPhotographer: Patric ShawStylist: Sei IkedaMakeup: Rie OmotoHair: Gavin

I never wanted to go

I was born from loveAnd my poor mother worked the minesI was raised on the Good Book JesusTill I read between the linesNow I don't believe I want to see the morningGoing down the stoney endI never wanted to goDown the stoney endMama let me start all overCradle me,Mama, cradle me againI can still remember himWith love light in his eyesBut the light flickered out and partedAs the sun began to

Supermodels Take It Off For Climate Change

On 24 October, people in 181 countries came together for the most widespread day of environmental action in the planet's history. At over 5200 events around the world, people gathered to call for strong action and bold leadership on the climate crisis.Cameron Russell so inspired by the pictures she saw coming in from around the world on's Global Day of Climate Action, that she wanted to

Out of focus - Le Louvre - Paris FW

Out of Focus, but beautiful ... quand même.

After the show - Paris Fashion Week

A gift from China - Paris FW

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Terry Richardson for Purple Magazine!

Terry Richardson is one of my favourite Photographers, as all he does is get models drunk, gets them naked and takes photos! In the latest of Purple Magazine he produced something a bit tamer, but still 'down right dirty'These shots look alot clearer and polished than usual!Abbey Lee looks amazing as always! <3

Gong Li - Vuitton - Paris Fashion Week

Look at this complex cutting and sewing on her back and shoulders !Regardez cette coupe complexe au niveau des épaules et du dos !

Beautiful - Le Louvre - Paris FW

Blue Paola - Rue Scribe - Paris

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Katherine Fleming

I commute to WOMEN every day from Massapequa Park. In the morning I carry my wallet, a beverage (Tab, Fresca or Diet Coke), something to read (The New Yorker or a library book) and a snack for later in the day (an apple, carrots, banana or Fruit Roll-Up).Lately I have been carrying my belongings in a vermillion leather hobo bag.Last night I dreamt that I purchased a maroon bowling bag from

Clémentine - Paris Fashion Week (2)

C'est bien FaceBook !Mais pensez à laisser un petit mot ici sous forme de commentaire.Ça aussi c'est bien !

November 2009 German Vogue cover, Katrin Thormann, Ph: Sølve Sundsbø

Sølve Sundsbø photographed Katrin Thormann for the November 2009 German Vogue cover on April 20, 2009 in Paris.November 2009 German Vogue coverModel: Katrin ThormannPhotographer: Sølve SundsbøStylist: Marie ChaixLocation: Paris

America's Sweetheart

Judy Garland by George Hurrell , circa 1944:

Yellow René - Les Tuileries - Paris FW

I work as Art DirectorI wear a shirt and Jacket by NEIL BARETT.Shoes from Flea market.Pants (?)My cap is self-made.Perfume: BOUDICCAFor me Fashion shows who & what you are.My look is between Indie Rocker and Classic British hunter guy.I love clubs.I don't like traveling by car (I have a Fiat)My message to the world: Dress Better !