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Trendy Hairstyles for Girls

    Hairstyles play a very important role in affecting the look of a person. It can enhance or suppress the looks. God has given privilege to girls to try out the trendiest of hairstyles from the very young age. That is why many moms are enthusiastic of giving the best hairstyle to their daughters. It is enjoyable both for the mothers and their daughters to try new looks. There is just a great feeling seeing how cute they look when styled like a little angel.

    There are many cute hairstyles for both young and adolescent girls. Most of the simple styles are suitable for all types of face shapes and facial features. This is because styling the hair of young children is a carefree task where the child or its parent is not fussy or conscious about the new look that will emerge. The purpose is simple and straight, that is to look cute and sweet.

    The hairstyles are there for short, medium, and long hair. One needs simple things like colourful pins and bands to create the look. The objective is to give a manageable and neat-looking style to the girls. They are too young to handle complex styles that need patience while styling and a careful attitude while carrying it.

    Short Hairstyles

    Short hairstyles are ideal for playful kids who don't have to struggle with tangles and untidy hair. They can be set right with few brush strokes and do not fall on the face. Managing them is also less time consuming and requires little patience on the part of the kid. Layers, step-cutting, and bob cuts are few of the examples. They take less shampoo and drying time.

    Medium Hairstyles

    Medium hairstyles offer the benefit of both short and long hairstyles. They are easy to comb and manage. At the same time, they provide greater scope for trying more styles. One of the simplest styles is a high pony tail tied with a colourful band matching the dress. The look can be carried to school or during outdoor activities.

    Long Hairstyles

    Long hair holds a strong place in the imagination of young girls enamoured by fairy tale characters. Therefore, as a mom, you can take the challenge of maintaining the long hair of your cute and active girl to make her feel happy for her long tresses. Braids are probably the best option for everyday look. Curls can be done for a party look.

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Trendy Hairstyles for Girls

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Selecting a Suitable Bridesmaid's Hairstyle Based on Length

    Despite its being one of the happiest days in the life of a couple in love, the arrival of their wedding day could also be one of the most stressful. This is especially true for women who would like their wedding day to be perfect. When you were a little girl, you probably already had a vision of how you would look like as you walk down the aisle into the arms of the man you love. As dreamy as your imagined wedding could be, you can make your vision come true once you say yes to your significant other's proposal and start planning for the wedding.

    During the wedding planning process, there are dozens of small and big decisions that need to be made ranging from where the reception will be held to where you can place your overbearing cousin on the seating plan. But prior to sweating small details like these, it pays to focus first on some of the most important details, such as how your wedding entourage would look like.

    By now, you probably already have an idea about what your bridal hairstyle would be like, especially after you have chosen the dress. But how about your bridesmaids? The rule of thumb to follow when choosing bridesmaids hairstyles is that they should complement the theme of your wedding, look coordinated but without outshining you as the bride. Perhaps the best way to make a decision as to which bridesmaids hairstyles you would have your bridal entourage wear is by considering their hair lengths.

    Short Bridesmaids Hairstyles

    For bridesmaids with really short hair, what is the most ideal style? One of the most popular is the romantic curls. If the hair reaches down to the chin level, having her hair curled in a romantic would add a touch of whimsy to the affair. You can even use accessories such as a flower or a headband for the bridesmaid with short hair to wear.

    Mid-Length Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

    For mid-length hair, there are several options that a stylist can go for. One of the most popular hairstyles both for brides and bridesmaids is the oh-so-elegant French twist. If the bridesmaid's hair is long enough for it to be twisted into a bun, this style would suit perfectly. Or, you can have her hair styled in an updo with variations on the details such as curled bangs or curled tendrils on the side of the face.

    Hairstyles for Long Locks

    One of the easiest hair lengths to style is one that reaches way below the shoulders. If you have bridesmaids with long hair, you can easily style their hair in a French twist, an elegant updo, romantic curls or a sideswept hairstyle - the possibilities are practically endless!

    Coordinating the Looks of All Your Bridesmaids

    If you have bridesmaids with varying hair lengths, you can simply have the stylist do their hair depending on what suits them the best. But you can still get that coordinated look by asking them to wear matching hair accessories. If you are wearing a tiara, buy one mini-tiara for each bridesmaid as well as your flower girls. Or, you can have them wear matching hair accessories like bejewelled clips or fresh flowers.

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Selecting a Suitable Bridesmaid's Hairstyle Based on Length

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Saying Your "I Dos" This 2012? Spring's the Best Time and Here's How to Start Planning

    Saying yes to the marriage proposal and setting a date is basically the starting phase of planning a wedding. From the gown to the bridal hairstyle, the food to be served, the number of guests to invite - these are just some of the small and big details about the wedding that you need to decide on. As much as possible, give yourselves plenty of time to iron out all these details. Hire a wedding coordinator if you want, although you can also be a hands-on bride and coordinate with the suppliers yourself.

    What if You're Planning a Spring Wedding?

    Setting a date for the big day means that you already know what season of the year, and probably the time of day when the ceremony and reception will be held. What if you're planning a spring wedding? In terms of color and theme, there are plenty of pretty ideas that you can come up with.

    Let's start with a few tips on how you can have a beautiful ceremony and reception when saying your "I dos" during springtime:

    Go for sweet pastel colors.

    When thinking of a theme for your wedding, it always pays to go with the season of the year that the wedding will be held. Since spring is when flower bloom at their most beautiful, use sweet pastel colors as inspiration for your wedding. Pale pink is a classic pastel color which can be seen in most wedding receptions and venues. For 2012, an emerging trend is to use greenish blue as a theme. Complementing hues include teal and sunshine yellow. You can mix these all with tan or emerald green and you'll have a beautiful rainbow of sweet pastel colors on your big day.

    Be one with nature.

    If the groom would not like something that's too feminine for the wedding reception, go for rich, earth tones which also somewhat remind people of spring. Golden yellow, brown, green, burnt orange are some of the shades that you can play with.

    Wedding Gown & Bridal Hairstyle Ideas for Spring Weddings

    Now, when it comes to wedding gowns and bridal hairstyles, what are the hottest trends for the spring bride? Two-tier gowns are definitely hot for 2012, as well as gowns with illusion necklines. Instead of seeing too much skin, you can still feel sexy yet ultra-elegant wearing gowns which are made with illusion necklines that have embellishments. As for the hairstyles that brides and bridesmaids can have, the elegant updos and romantic down hairdos are still very much in style.

    Spring Weddings: It's All About the Flowers!

    Finally, you can incorporate spring flowers in every aspect of your wedding. If you want, you can have the bridesmaids wear fresh spring flowers on their hair. The wedding cake is another thing which can be designed using spring flowers as a theme. The center tables in the wedding reception can be decorated with spring flowers, as well as the aisle that the bride will be walking through - be it a church or garden wedding.

    As you can see, there are plenty of wedding planning aspects where you can incorporate spring colors and flowers as a theme, so have fun with it!

    If you are looking for ideas on how the bridesmaids hairstyles, wedding hairstyles, wedding reception, gown and all the other aspects of the wedding can be planned, always consider the time of the year when the wedding will be held. For springtime, pastel or earth colors and beautiful spring flowers can be easily incorporated in the theme while planning the details for your big day.

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Saying Your "I Dos" This 2012? Spring's the Best Time and Here's How to Start Planning

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